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“Remember, every cup holds a story, a memory, and a little bit of magic. Here, we don’t just love, give, and serve – we connect, we cherish, and we celebrate the splendor of life, one exquisite cup at a time.”
Abigail Johnson
Co-founder, Seven Teahouse

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Beyond Good Tea, Crafting Authenticity in Every Cup with Seven Teahouse

Originate from 13th generation Tea Gardens
Finest Tea Leaves
Over 40 Flavors
More Brewing Options

How We Source Our Tea

From the 13th generation tea garden to your sip.

Red Dates Pu'er

Best Seller: Red Dates Pu'erh Tea

Not only does it offer a comforting warmth to ward off the chill, but it also brings a balance of flavors that is both grounding and soothing.

Herbal Tea: Wild Jujube Bud Tea

Explore our Caffeine-free herbal tea, wild jujube bud green tea. Sourced from the ancient jujube trees nestled along the mystical Yellow River at the heart of China’s Red Date capital.

Tea Sense Tasting Event

We will take you through this experience by awakening your senses during our 5-course tea menu. Your host will invite you to fully enjoy a variety of teas associated with a range of colors, aromas, and intensity of flavors with each and every sip.

Explore Premium Chinese Classic Tea

Tea Education

With brand new tea knowledge and discoveries unveiling themselves each day, the journey into the world of tea is an exciting and limitless adventure with room for us all to explore, connect and interact.

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Discover what our customers are saying about us on Google! Check out our reviews to see why Seven Teahouse is your go-to for exceptional tea experiences.

Payton Creamer
Payton Creamer
I did the tea tasting experience and omg it was so amazing and so fun! the staff is so kind and knowledgeable and the tea is so fresh, delicious, and nutritious. The BEST tea in the area. I cannot wait to go back!!
Such an amazing experience!!! I and a group of friends came for a tea tasting and it was more than worth it. A must try for anyone who appreciates the smell, taste, and story of good tea.
I liked the clean and stable interior design. Guided by the friendly staff, we ordered lemon cake, ube donuts, matcha latte, lime dragon well tea, and Indian chai tea. Overall, the tea taste was rich yet smooth and comfortable to drink. And there are teas brewed for 8 hours and many other teas. The tea sample cup was so cute.
Kimberly Risser
Kimberly Risser
We did the “Tea Sense” experience and our host was extremely attentive and knowledgeable. We felt as though $35 per person was very much worth it as it also included a specialty drink and dessert. We all had a great time, the place was clean, and all the employees were very nice!
Franny Yep
Franny Yep
Delicious tea. Enjoy and feel refreshed!
Sam Young
Sam Young
Oh, so good! My wife and I did a "tea sense" tasting session, and we both loved it. The teas tasted great, and the host (owner?) was very informative, helping us learn about the different teas and properties of different teas. We will hope to be back in the future.
Morgan Vines
Morgan Vines
Best tea tasting experience ever! It’s beyond worth it to make the reservation.
Ian Bergstrom
Ian Bergstrom
Amazing tea house! Took my girlfriend for her birthday for a curated tea tasting! Super fun, knowledgeable, and delicious! Run, don’t walk here! The Red Robe Latte and the Lime Strawberry Jasmine Tea were 2 of my favorites, and the Supreme Coffee was a great coffee choice!

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