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The First Batch of Dragon Well Green Tea


Unit Count: 7 bags/box,  4g/bag

Essential Brewing Pot: Green Tea Glass Pot

Flavor Profile: Nutty, Fresh & Slight Sweetness

Health Benefits: Eliminates Bad Breath, Weight management support and Blood sugar control

Recommendation: After meal or Afternoon

Origin: WestLake, China


Embark on the first batch of this spring green tea with our premium Dragon Well Green Tea, sourced directly from the lush fields of Hangzhou, China. This selection celebrates the harmony and tradition embedded in centuries of tea cultivation expertise. Our dedicated team, in close collaboration with local tea masters, selects only the finest non-GMO leaves, ensuring each cup embodies the essence of purity and authenticity that Dragon Well Green Tea is renowned for.

Embark on a serene exploration with our Dragon Well Green Tea, a premium offering from the lush fields of Hangzhou, China. This selection is not only a celebration of harmony and tradition but also a testament to the centuries-old art of tea cultivation. Our dedicated team, in partnership with local experts, handpicks the finest non-GMO leaves, ensuring a product that is pure, authentic, and steeped in the rich heritage of the West Lake region.

Discover the Essence of Dragon Well Green Tea:

  • Aroma: Enjoy the distinctive nutty and fresh vegetal aromas, a hallmark of this tea, transporting you directly to the heart of West Lake’s tea plantations.
  • Taste: Savor the refreshing and vibrant taste, mirroring the mist-covered hills of Hangzhou where each leaf is carefully nurtured.
  • Wellness Benefits: More than a sensory delight, our Dragon Well Green Tea supports weight management and enhances oral freshness, contributing to your overall well-being.

A Commitment to Quality: Our unwavering dedication to quality ensures that each cup of our Dragon Well Green Tea is not just a beverage but a slice of history and culture from the renowned West Lake region.

Sustainability and Tradition in Tea Cultivation: We honor the age-old traditions of tea cultivation, committing to sustainable practices. This approach guarantees that every cup you enjoy is a tribute to our respect for nature and the legacy of tea making.

Steeping Perfection with Dragon Well Green Tea: For the best brewing experience, steep our tea below boiling (194°F) for 2-3 minutes. This allows the tea’s subtle flavors to fully develop, offering you an unparalleled taste experience.

Explore the depths of tea culture with our curated collections, each with its own unique narrative. Our Dragon Well invites you on a journey of taste and tradition. Join us in celebrating the art of tea, a journey that begins with a single, flavorful sip.

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