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Gingko, Blossom, and Bodhi Tea Set with Travel Case


Embrace tranquility with our unique Gingko, Blossom, and Bodhi Tea Set. This beautifully designed set includes a tea pot, three tea cups, and a travel case, each featuring symbolic nature-inspired designs. Perfect for tea connoisseurs and nature lovers alike, this set transforms every tea-drinking moment into a serene journey

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Find tranquility in every cup of tea with our exclusive Silver Gingko, Peach Blossom, and Bodhi tea set. This beautifully designed tea set, inspired by nature’s serene elements, brings the calming essence of a peaceful garden to your tea experience.

The tea set features a tea pot and three tea cups, each adorned with one of three unique designs – Silver Gingko, Peach Blossom, and Bodhi. These designs are not only visually stunning but also symbolize longevity, love, and enlightenment, adding a touch of philosophy and spirituality to your tea-drinking experience.

Experience the tranquility of nature and the pleasure of tea with our Silver Gingko, Peach Blossom, and Bodhi tea set. It’s not just a tea set, it’s a journey of serenity and contemplation in every cup

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 6 in

Gingko, Blossom, Bodhi

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