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“Remember, every cup holds a story, a memory, and a little bit of magic. Here, we don’t just love, give, and serve – we connect, we cherish, and we celebrate the splendor of life, one exquisite cup at a time.”
Abigail Johnson
Co-founder, Seven Teahouse

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Loose Tea:Green Tea
Hand-picked Green Tea: Long Jing
Redefine the Tea World
Beyond Good Tea, Crafting Authenticity in Every Cup with Seven Teahouse
Tea Gardens

Originate from 13th generation Tea Gardens

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Over 40 Flavors

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White Tea Collection

The Magic of White Tea: White tea, often called the “elixir of health”, is treasured for its delicate flavor and numerous health benefits.
White Tea Collection
Red Dates Pu'er

Best Seller: Red Dates Pu'erh Tea

Not only does it offer a comforting warmth to ward off the chill, but it also brings a balance of flavors that is both grounding and soothing.

Sharing the Best Sip with Tea lovers

This is a teahouse, but more than a teahouse.

This is a place where we share goodness.

This is a place where we share happiness.

This is a place where we share wellness.

Location: Seven Teahoue, 1607 Village Market Blvd SE Leesburg, VA 20175

the crew

Experience the Nature with Seven Teahouse

Annually, our dedicated team embarks on expeditions to the esteemed tea-producing regions of China, engaging in dialogue with local tea cultivators and delving into the narratives that each tea leaf harbors.

Every leaf symbolizes not merely a benevolence from nature but also embodies the ancient and rich tea-drinking heritage of China.

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