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White Tea Collection: Seven Teahouse’s Fruit-Infused Elegance


Step into the world of Seven Teahouse’s White Tea Collection. Five unique fruit-infused flavors, 10 tea bags, one unforgettable experience.

Seven Teahouse White Tea Collection includes:

  • Lychee White Tea
  • Peach White Tea
  • Orange White Tea
  • Grape White Tea
  • Pineapple White Tea
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Dive into the serene world of Seven Teahouse’s White Tea Collection. This assortment blends delicate tea leaves with vibrant fruit flavors, offering a peaceful tea experience. With simplicity at its core, this collection highlights the understated elegance of white tea, complemented by natural fruit notes.

Introducing Our White Tea Varieties:

  • Peach White Tea: Refreshing peach blends with white tea for a rejuvenating sip.
  • Lychee White Tea: Exotic lychee enhances the light white tea base.
  • Grape White Tea: Juicy grape notes meet the subtlety of white tea.
  • Orange White Tea: Zesty orange flavors infuse white tea with vibrancy.
  • Pineapple White Tea: Tropical pineapple adds warmth to delicate white tea.

Why You’ll Love This Collection:

  • Varied Tastes: From Peach to Lychee, a spectrum of flavors awaits.
  • Craftsmanship: Each blend is carefully crafted to preserve the tea’s delicate nature.
  • Heritage: These teas connect you to a long tradition of tea drinking.
  • Simplicity: Celebrate the minimal processing and gentle flavors of white tea.

A Thoughtful Gift: The White Tea Collection is an ideal gift, symbolizing care and the joy of life’s simple moments.

Savor the Calm: This collection isn’t just about tea; it’s about embracing tranquility.

Brewing Tip: Use water just below boiling and steep for 2-3 minutes for a perfect cup.

Discover the Seven Teahouse White Tea Collection, where each variety, from Lychee to Pineapple, promises a serene escape.

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