Lychee Black Tea


  • Pure Authenticity: Real Tea Leaves, High-Quality Black Tea, Experience genuine flavors with every sip.
  • Sweet Promise:  Every cup offers a touch of Lychee sweetness and freshness, enhancing your daily tea ritual.
  • Versatile Brews: Suitable for both hot and cold brews. Savor its richness regardless of the temperature.
  • Convenient Packaging: Individually packed tea bags, ideal for grab-and-go moments. One bag, one perfect cup.
  • All-Season Delight: Refreshing in hot summers and comforting in cold winters. An evergreen choice for tea lovers.

Start your unique Tea Journey with Seven Teahouse!

Unit Count: 10 teabags/box

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Embark on a flavor adventure with our Lychee Black Tea, an exquisite fusion of premium black tea leaves and succulent lychee essence. Skillfully sourced and expertly blended, this tea offers the perfect harmony of boldness and sweetness. Every sip takes you on a sensory journey like no other.

The robust, full-bodied black tea leaves create a foundation of invigorating richness, complemented by the irresistible sweetness of lychee. The infusion of lychee adds a refreshing and exotic twist, infusing the tea with a delightful flavor profile that enchants the palate. The enchanting aroma of lychee further elevates the overall experience.

Our Lychee Black Tea is a true delight for tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary tea experience. Whether enjoyed hot or iced, it promises a symphony of flavors that awaken the senses and leave a lasting impression. Indulge in a moment of relaxation or share this delightful lychee black tea treat or Lychee Oolong with friends and loved ones.

Lychee Black Tea

From the heart of the Orient, our tea is an ode to craftsmanship. Hand-picked during the optimal harvest season, each leaf is meticulously chosen to ensure it embodies the full-bodied character of black tea. To this, we infuse the natural essence of lychee, which paints each sip with its subtle fruity notes.

Why indulge in our Lychee Black Tea?

  • Timeless Taste: Revel in the velvety blend, where the bold flavors of black tea are sweetly punctuated by lychee’s delicate aroma.
  • Pure Elegance: No artificial flavors or additives. Just the unadulterated beauty of lychee and black tea in harmonious fusion.
  • Boost of Wellness: Rich in antioxidants, every cup offers not just taste but also a touch of health.
  • Elevate your tea-time ritual with the exquisite essence of Seven Teahouse’s Lychee Black Tea. Each brew promises an experience transcending the ordinary. Join us in this delightful journey, one cup at a time.

Brewing Tips

For a sublime experience, use freshly boiled water cooled to around 90°C (194°F). Add one teaspoon of Lychee Black Tea per cup and steep for 3-4 minutes. Adjust brewing time for desired strength. Enjoy the enticing aroma before taking your first sip, and feel the harmony of flavors envelop you.

If you looking for another tea’s like black jasmine tea or Black Tea Collection and White Tea Collection so contact Seven Teahouse’s for more information.

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