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Osmanthus Oolong Tea


Osmanthus oolong tea is a type of flavored tea that combines the nutty and floral taste of oolong tea with the sweet and fragrant aroma of osmanthus flowers. Oolong tea is a partially oxidized tea that is known for its unique flavor and aroma, while osmanthus flowers are a type of flower commonly used in Chinese and Taiwanese tea blends for their fragrant and delicate taste.

Flavor Profile: Floral notes of Osmanthus & Smooth

Base Tea: Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess)

Health Notes: Relaxation aid and Stress Reduction

Recommendation: Afternoon

Origin: Fujian, China

Unit Count: 10 teabags/box

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Both osmanthus and oolong blend into this tea, making a blissful drinking experience with rich sweetness. The osmanthus meets the oolong glycol to create a refreshing and unique taste. Drinking Osmanthus Oolong Tea entails a subtle mellow and natural flavor, complemented with a lingering floral fragrance.

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

  • Distinctive Taste: Our Osmanthus Oolong Tea offers a harmonious blend of floral notes and the rich, complex flavors of Oolong. It’s a captivating mix for those eager to explore unique tea profiles.
  • Seasonal Versatility: Ideal for any time of the year, enjoy this tea iced for a cooling summer refreshment or hot for a soothing winter comfort.
  • Wellness Benefits: Oolong tea is renowned for its health benefits, such as aiding in weight management, promoting skin vitality, and supporting digestion. With our Osmanthus Oolong Tea, you savor not only exquisite taste but also enhanced well-being.
  • True Tea Leaves: We are committed to authenticity, using genuine tea leaves rather than conventional tea bags. Our high-quality base tea, Iron Goddess, is the cornerstone of our floral Oolong teas, guaranteeing a superior tea experience with each cup.

Hot Brew Tips:

  1. Heat water to about 195°F (90°C).
  2. Place one teabag in your preferred teapot or cup.
  3. Pour the hot water over the teabag.
  4. Allow steeping for 3-5 minutes, adjusting to taste for a full flavor profile.
  5. Enjoy the enchanting aroma and floral notes of osmanthus in every sip.

Cold Brew Tips:

  1. Place one tea bags to 16oz clear water.
  2. Add additional sugar(optional).
  3. Put your tea into refrigerator.
  4. Wait 4 to 6 hours.
  5. Enjoy the freshness of our cold-brew tea.

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Immerse yourself in the delicate fusion of Osmanthus Oolong Tea and embark on a unique flavor adventure. Secure your order with Seven Teahouse today and elevate your tea experiences to a realm of luxury and taste.

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